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Lead Teacher for Language and Confidence across the curriculum: TLR 3b


1. Leadership of staff

  • Work with other curriculum leaders to set a clear standard for teaching the confident use of language in each subject and as part of our wider Christian educational vision for the curriculum as a whole

  • Demonstrate and model for others the standards required in terms of:

    • knowledge and understanding

    • teaching and assessment

    • pupil progress

    • wider professional effectiveness

    • professional characteristics

  • Inspire and motivate teaching and support staff across the school in their work with pupils to improve their use of language: provide them with formal and informal advice, guidance and support in accordance with school policy and practice

  • Form an effective team of teachers of different subjects to plan, develop and evaluate a whole school strategy which works; involve members of the Teaching, Learning and Pupil Support teams in this whole school thinking

  • Give advice to other staff on the choice of resources and teaching strategies; support them in work with individual pupils or groups of pupils, where this is needed; assist with the Induction of new staff and particularly ECTs, where appropriate

  • Assist staff in their professional development; help them to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding; lead and organize relevant in-service training for all staff; contribute to Staff Development Sessions and Days  

  • Help to monitor and evaluate the school’s work in this area, through being involved in Teaching Review Weeks and Parents Forums, for example

  • Liaise with other teaching staff, the SLT and the Assistant Headteacher with Learning, Assessment, Data and Progress, in particular


2. Leadership of pupils and students

  • Context: Help to develop the Christian ethos of the school, such that pupils and students know that they are respected and valued and that they become committed members of the school community, encouraged and motivated in their studies:

  • Assemblies: be involved in developing follow-up activities linked to whole school assemblies, which build pupils’ confident use of language in a systematic way


  • Tutor Time:  plan activities which Form Tutors can use with their Tutor Groups to assist pupils’ development of reading in weekly form-time

  • Extra-curricular programme: design and lead activities which enable pupils to increase both their ability and confidence in using language outside the classroom

  • Inter-House competitions: build a tradition of pupils participating in competitive activities by Houses, to value and promote skills such as debating and public speaking in a way which also increases their motivation to take part and their aspiration to do well in these things

  • Contribution to Careers Education: create opportunities for pupils to showcase their developing skills in the wiser community and to make the links with learning to use language with confidence and their preparation for life, work and learning beyond school

  • Communicating with other staff and parents, keeping them informed of progress being made, of problems being addressed and of successes in and outside the classroom


3. Leadership of the curriculum

  • Within subjects: working with Heads of Department and others on models of how the confident use of language can be developed in practice, within a certain course or year group, for example

  • Within the classroom and in relation to homework:  working closely with colleagues, particularly in ones own discipline, to pilot and establish ways of working in this area for use across the school, which make it easier for pupils to progress in their confident use of academic language; liaising with the Assistant Headteacher (Quality of Teaching) on this; and, in time, helping to develop new resources to instil these practices through the Learning to Learn classes in Year 8 

  • With pupils for whom English is an Additional Language: working with subject teachers of these pupils to form a more systematic approach to developing their confident use of English, with appropriate use of assessment to support this development



Start date:  7th December 2022

Review dates: July 2023, May 2024

TLR: 3b

SLT Link: Assistant Headteacher (Learning, Assessment, Data and Progress)

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