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"value all people equally as human beings created in God’s image"

Our Racial Equality and Empowerment Working Group are currently taking action in a number of areas. Two of our experienced middle leaders formed and chair a Racial Equality and Empowerment working group to implement staff training and changes in practice in this area. The Racial Equality and Empowerment Working Group is working independently to examine all that we do as a school for manifestations of conscious or unconscious inequality or bias with initial recommendations for improvements and actions being regularly taken to our Senior Leadership Team and Governing Board for example, the Anti-Bullying Policy has been updated with a clear and usable procedure to assess and respond to racist incidents. 


Current projects include strengthening the diversity of our curriculum to ensure it is more representative, creating clear guidance for staff on anti-racist practicalities, and developing the pupil voice to ensure that in every way possible there are no barriers to flourishing through discriminatory practice. 


We have also asked our Governors committee responsible for our School Ethos and Pastoral Care to regularly look at what we are doing to tackle inequality and diversity and to receive updates from a representative of this Racial Equality and Empowerment Working Group.

Black History Month

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