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September 2022

Dear Applicant

Thank you for your interest in this post as Head of Year at Archbishop Tenison’s.


This is a great opportunity for either a teacher or another person with significant experience of working in a secondary school to take on a pastoral leadership role. The school has a strong team of 8 pastoral leaders – Heads of each year from 7 to 13 and Head of Pupil Welfare – and is now creating a team of Senior Pastoral Leaders to work closely with the Deputy Headteacher (Policy and Practice) to develop our pupil discipline and pastoral care even further. This has been a priority over some time; the new roles grew out of our reflections after our recent OFSTED inspection.


For this post we are looking for a person with a genuine heart for working with young people in an educational context, as well as the skills, expertise and experience to help them progress academically through Key Stages 3-5. As in all schools, there are some pupils who do not have an easy life at home or who arrive here without the academic confidence they need to succeed. This gives us a challenge, but also an opportunity to work and make a difference with motivated pupils with a high level of ambition. The system we operate is that each Head of Year moves up with the pupils and the Form Tutors through the school and therefore can get to know pupils and their families well over time and think strategically about their development. In this role you will be managed by one of our Senior Pastoral Leaders.


Archbishop Tenison’s is a lively, friendly and high achieving school, with a large Sixth Form, where pupils take their studies seriously. As a Church of England school we are always pleased to receive applications from those keen to help develop our Christian ethos.


We look forward to receiving your application and discussing the role further to those called for interview. In your letter please include the following points:


  • why you would like to take up this post at this time.

  • which experience and qualities make you particularly suitable for the post.


Please see our website for further details.


Yours sincerely


Richard Parrish




Location: Croydon, Surrey

Required for: 3rd November 2022

Contract: Permanent
Salary: MPS including Outer London Allowance + Teaching and Learning Responsibility 2b

Closing Date: 7th October 2022

Interview – week commencing 17th October 2022


Archbishop Tenison’s CE Church of England High School is a long-established school with an excellent reputation in the community. Our school motto is ‘Academic excellence for each person in a Christian community’ and we aim to instill these values in everything we do at Tenison’s. We take the personal development of pupils, students, and staff seriously.


Pastoral care is a strong and important part of the school’s Christian educational vision. We seek to form a cohesive learning community, to educate the whole person and to provide the whole curriculum; to teach with understanding, both of the subjects we have studied and the pupils before us, and to learn with tenacity, humility and hope. Every teacher is a Form Tutor. Every year group has its own Head of Year. Every day starts and ends with Tutor Time. The weekly Tutor programme includes a whole school assembly, a year assembly, two tutor assemblies and a taught session of Personal and Social Development.


All Heads of Year belong to the school’s Pastoral Leadership Team, along with the Head of Pupil Welfare, and three Senior Pastoral Leaders. In addition to this, the school has a Pupil Support Room and an Assistant Chaplain. We enjoy good links with the Southwark Diocesan Board of Education and the Borough of Croydon. We work closely with other external agencies and providers of services for young people. We are part of a significant initiative to improve young people’s mental health. We are also a trauma-informed school.   


This role is open to applicants from a teaching or non-teaching background with a suitable experience of working pastorally within a secondary school. The successful candidate will begin with next year’s Year 9.


We are looking for someone who:


  • Can teach their own subject to a high standard at all key stages (or, for non-teaching member of staff, cover lessons effectively as a member of our Teaching Support team)


  • Can provide strong, efficient and pastorally sensitive leadership to a year group of pupils and a team of Form Tutors, and also work effectively as a reliable colleague alongside other Pastoral Leaders


  • Has credibility with both pupils and staff as someone who can manage pupils and situations well, and who does so with confidence, but also Christian humility and educational purpose


  • Communicates clearly, carefully and with a good understanding of different audiences; speaks and writes with honesty and integrity; offers support, challenge and encouragement with both professionalism and hope


  • Is a team player and makes good day-to-day decisions, as well as being able to contribute to long-term strategic thinking about pupils’ personal development and pastoral care


  • Is knowledgeable about how to work effectively with young people and draw the best out of them in a school setting


  • Liaises well with parents and other adults involved in the care of young people in education


  • Is able to contribute actively to the school as a Christian community, in support of both its Christian character and its academic purpose


Exam results can be viewed via our school website - Academic Results 2021

Archbishop Tenison's is an equal opportunities employer and committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. 

Enhanced DBS check required.

An initial phone call or visit to explore possibilities and express interest is much encouraged. Please email Mrs Andrew, Headteacher's PA via or call 020 8688 4014.

Flute Lesson

Head of Year Teaching and Learning Responsibility 2B


1. Leadership of staff

· Setting and sharing the vision for the development of pupils within a particular year group in the context of the school’s Christian educational vision

· Demonstrating and modelling for others the standards required in terms of:

o knowledge and understanding

o teaching and assessment

o pupil progress

o wider professional effectiveness

o professional characteristics

· Inspiring and motivating staff as Tutors and, with respect to this year group, across the school; providing staff with formal and informal advice, guidance and support in accordance with school policy and practice

· Creating an effective pastoral team with a strong sense of purpose and a shared sense of responsibility

· Ensuring Tutors have an adequate programme and resources for Tutor Time; supporting them with pastoral/disciplinary issues; advising them on strategies

· Assisting with the induction of new staff and particularly ECTs

· Assisting Tutors in their professional development; leading and organising in-service training; recognising their contribution to the school

· Leading pastoral meetings; keeping staff informed of developments affecting the year group

· Assisting with the monitoring and evaluation of the work of staff and with the school’s review of policy and practice

· Working with other members of the Pastoral Leadership Team and deputising for them as necessary; supporting the Senior Pastoral Leader and Assistant Headteacher who oversee that part of the school


2. Leadership of pupils and students

· Helping to develop the Christian ethos of the school, such that pupils and students know that they are respected and valued and that they become committed members of the school community, encouraged and motivated in their studies

· Communicating with pupils individually and in their Tutor groups within this year group

· Helping to monitor pupils’ progress across different subjects, using data provided to ensure tracking of individual students and informed target-setting; writing pastoral reports

· Assisting with the design, implementation and monitoring of the school’s behaviour and discipline policies; with particular reference to our use of sanctions and rewards, administering the House Point/Merit system for the year group

· Giving advice to pupils on their attitudes, behaviour, work, future development and potential; helping them devise strategies for improvements, where needed

· Communicating with parents, keeping them informed of progress made, of problems and successes and ensuring intervention at an early stage, when necessary

· Listening to pupils, taking their views seriously; celebrating their successes and promoting involvement in school life; encouraging pupil leadership in the school; running of year group activities that give opportunities for the pupils to develop as a year group and build leadership skills


3. Leadership of the curriculum

· Oversight of the Tutor programme for this year group

· Liaising with the Head of PSD & Head of Careers with regard to the Tutor programme

· Being aware through work with individual pupils and their parents of how they experience the curriculum in this year of the school and of how the school is making proper provision for students

of different abilities; communicating with Heads of Dept., the SEN Curriculum Leader and the Deputy Headteacher (Christian Character and Academic Purpose) about this.


4. Whole school responsibilities

· Assisting the Headteacher and other members of the Senior Leadership Team in the fulfilment of the school’s aims and the promotion of its Christian ethos

· Working with other members of the Pastoral Leadership Team to provide appropriate support for pupil and student development at each Key Stage within the context of the school’s Christian foundation

· Making a leading and significant contribution to the school’s Development Plan and being responsible for part of it; implementing school policy for Continuing Professional Development.

· Contributing to the formation of whole school policy and helping to ensure that policies are consistently and effectively implemented, particularly with reference to assessment, recording and reporting, homework, behaviour and discipline, teaching and learning, attendance, punctuality and dress codes

· Implementation of Health and Safety Regulations, as required and ensuring that statutory procedures for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children are followed, as set out in the current version of Keeping Children Safe in Education.


5. Departmental responsibilities

· Not applicable.


6. Post-specific responsibilities

· As related to the year group for which the post-holder is responsible – these are likely to change with the year group (e.g. supporting Year 9 through option choices, Year 10 through work experience, Year 11 through preparations for GCSEs and post-16 choices, Year 12 induction into the Sixth Form, Year 13 university applications)

· Curriculum-related oversight of pupil and student progress (e.g. tracking KS3 performance, KS 4 intervention, Year 12 EPQ and A/AS Level guidance)


7. Additional responsibilities

· Leading a weekly assembly at the church or (in Year 12/13 in the Sixth Form Centre)

· Playing a strategic role within the Pastoral Leadership Team as a whole; taking a lead on one or two key areas and acting as the lead Head of Year in these respects. Possible areas might be: liaison with external agencies, attendance and punctuality, staff training and support in their role as Tutors, developing parental engagement across the school, improving pupil achievement across a particular key stage, Deputy Child Protection Officer


8. Links with other post-holders

· Membership of: Pastoral Leadership Team

· Line Management of: Form Tutors in the relevant Year Group

· Supported by: other Pastoral Leaders, Senior Pastoral Leaders

· Liaising with: Tutors, Other Heads of Year

SEN Curriculum Leader, G&T Lead Teacher

· Accountable to: Senior Pastoral Leader

Deputy Headteacher (Policy and Practice)

Governors’ Ethos and Pastoral Care Committee