Welcome to Year 7

Tenaciter 1714 Crest 2015.jpg
Tenaciter 1714 Crest 2015.jpg

Virtual Information Meeting - Recorded 1/7/21

Tenaciter 1714 Crest 2015.jpg
Tenaciter 1714 Crest 2015.jpg


Information for new Year 7s 3/9/21

Information on the Catering System

Information on the Biometric Fob


Which House are you in?

This information will be provided to parents/carers week commencing 19 July.


Year 7 Induction Day - Friday 3 September

Please note that the Induction Day for Year 7 pupils joining the school will now take place on Friday 3 September.

Timings for the Induction Day:

Becket    8.30am - 1.15pm

Fisher     9.00am - 1.45pm

Ramsey  9.30am - 2.15pm

Temple  10.00am- 2.45pm

Wood     10.30am -3.15pm

Please wear your Archbishop Tenison's School Uniform and 

bring a packed lunch and water bottle.


The Year 7 School Day in September will be from 8.20am - 3.00pm 

Free School Meals

If your child/children are eligible to receive free school meals, please could you complete and return the free school meals application to the school.