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Our Curriculum


At Archbishop Tenison’s Church of England School, our vision is to teach a specialised curriculum that has been created by our subject experts for our pupils with an awareness of their context.  It is a curriculum that offers academic breadth and depth in a three-year Key Stage 3. It is a curriculum that prepares pupils for the rigors of external examinations at GCSE, BTEC and A Level. It is a curriculum that is delivered in a caring, inclusive Christian environment where service to others is the quality of character we value most highly.  

A specialised curriculum for our community means delivering one that values the different disciplines of each subject. We have given each department the freedom to create a knowledge rich Key Stage 3 curriculum that reflects the National Curriculum and the expertise of our subject teachers. Each department has developed a curriculum that improves pupils’ literacy and explicitly teaches the language needed to communicate the key concepts in their subjects.  Subject topics are thoughtfully sequenced so that departments can build on pupils’ prior learning, return to concepts that pupils have studied before, and develop knowledge and skills so that our young people master what they have learnt and are prepared for rigorous public examinations.

The school’s curriculum aims to improve the life chances of our young people through academic success at GCSE, BTEC and A Level, and the chance to continue their studies at respected universities and providers of vocational courses. An equally important aim is that the cultural literacy gained during their time at Tenison’s will equip our young people for the challenges of the exciting, fast paced and complex society they live in.

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